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CompaxDigital currently works across the globe with clients including telecoms, banks, and government institutions. We rely on long-standing in-depth collaboration regardless of company size or industry, and we have the satisfied clients to prove it.

Our Case Studies

Cloud-First BSS for B2B IoT Rollout

Full BSS Stack to enable rollout of next-gen IoT connectivity for B2B customers.

Converged Digital Engagement Solution

Supporting rapid rollout of mobile, fixed, and broadband offerings for T-Mobile’s second brand.

B2C Quadruple Play Service Enablement

Cloud-first BSS Stack enables B2C Quadruple Play service offering to multimillion residential customer base.

Cloud BSS for Quadruple Play Services

Cloud-native BSS Stack for a converged service offering with a 3-month time-to-market for Swisscom’s second brand.

Next-Gen BSS for Truck Tolling

Full Cloud BSS to enable complete modernization of T-Systems Europe’s Truck Toll Platform.

Cloud-Native BSS for Tier-1 B2B IoT

Full BSS Stack to enable global IoT connectivity for enterprises.

Why Our Customers Love CompaxDigital

Our product works for clients from any industry because it supports the way you want to do business. Customisation to fit your specific needs means you always get the maximum out of our software—and out of your CompaxDigital team.



At Deutsche Telekom IoT, we use Compax to manage our brand along with eight subsidiaries in multi-Tenant, offering IoT connectivity for our large B2B customers in more than 70 countries. Working with Compax allowed us to scale our operations for each brand quickly and easily, enabling us to provide superior service to our millions of customers.

—Deutsche Telekom


At T-Systems, we consider Compax an important partner and an integral part of our business. Compax powers our truck tolling solutions, allowing us to better manage our road user portal, ordering logistics, and billing. Thanks to Compax, our systems are highly reliable and run with near-perfect accuracy.

—T-Systems Truck Tolling Solution

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