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Support the open partner-friendly marketplace model

The fleet and mobility markets are undergoing massive changes with the introduction of connected and automated vehicles (C/AVs), stricter environmental regulations, and the growing popularity of electrical vehicles. The introduction and expansion of flexible tolling, based on vehicles’ weight, emissions and driving patterns, is one of ways governments around the world use to pay for the updated infrastructure needed to support increased traffic while minimizing the environmental impact.

It’s time to re-think supporting systems for mobility and tolling as the open marketplace model replaces the traditional one-tolling-authority model, and multiple tolling options become available for onboard units (OBUs), from the traditional dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) or radio-frequency identification (RFID), to the modern global navigation satellite system (GNSS). More robust support is now necessary for charging, billing, invoicing, payments, as well as partner onboarding and settlement.

A system with open, partner-friendly APIs, flexible product catalog, high-performance charging, and billing with the ability to process hundreds of thousands of charges in a single bill for B2B customers, and to accommodate for flexible usage rules for B2C customers, is required.

CompaxDigital Solution for Tolling & Mobility

Product Catalog

Manage all types of usage tariffs, across multiple partners, government and tolling authorities, in a single cohesive view


Ability to share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes, as well as provide cross-domain provisioning, and instantly add new partners

API-first Omnichannel Experience

Full set of REST APIs and working over any channel – app, web, retail/PoS, or partner allowing seamless integration into supply chain

High-Volume Billing

Easy to setup and quick to execute large bill runs for complex billing accounts with hundreds of thousands of vehicle trips for large B2B bills

CPQ and Order Management

Agile, microservices-based workflow management and a configurable way to do a flexible CPQ and order management for partner onboarding and settlements

Cloud-Native Deployment

Ability to deploy and integrate over public cloud, as well as support the emerging edge computing that is essential for Tolling-as-a-Service models

Next-Gen BSS for Truck Tolling

Full Cloud BSS to enable complete modernization of T-Systems Europe’s Truck Toll Platform.

Key Benefits Achieved

Innovation and Transformation at Scale

Innovation and Transformation at Scale

  • Deliver open partner-friendly APIs
  • Ensure API-first omnichannel experience
  • Multi-tenancy for code and network sharing

Ensure Cost Efficiency and Operational Agility

Ensure Cost Efficiency and Operational Agility

  • Build once & reuse as-a-service across offerings or segments
  • Share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes
  • Deliver new functionality via configuration and codebase reuse

Best in Class Revenue & Partner Management

Tier-1 Best in Class Revenue & Partner Management

  • CPQ, order management and partner onboarding
  • Cross-domain orchestration and provisioning
  • High volume billing, settlements and disputes


Product Configurability and Innovation at Scale

Digital BSS

Next-gen Platform Built for Agility and Speed


Fast Tracks and Future-Proof Transformations

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