Omnichannel communications and processes for enhanced customer journey

API-First Omnichannel Experience |

Secure APIs to work with web, mobile, retail and partner clients

Customers expect to reach services providers via any channel they are comfortable with, not just through a phone call, email, or a form on a web site. And with communications options constantly expanding, an omnichannel, API-first approach is a must-have for any modern, customer or partner-facing solutions. Add to that the customers’ expectation of instant communications and the reality of complex B2B2x products from multiple partners, and you have customer communications that need to reach not just the service provider’s personnel, but also partner’s as necessary.

CompaxDigital BSS is built from the start to provide omnichannel communications and processes. That is done via an API-first approach where all possible clients—web, mobile app, retail, and partner—work with the system via secure APIs, complete with their own authentication systems and SSO, while all data is stored and updated as a single point of truth and is provided to different channels based on explicitly setup visibility and management rights.

Combined with the cloud-native approach, digital process automation and multi-tenancy, CompaxDigital API-first omnichannel experience positions CompaxDigital BSS as one of the best, most modern BSS platforms for digital service providers.


All Business Models and Technology Support


Fast Tracks and Full-scale Transformations

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Why CompaxDigital

Practical engineering. Transparent partnership. Fully configurable platform.

Functional Coverage

  • Provided APIs cover entire set of functions and data needed for omnichannel customer, sales and partner journeys
  • Microservices-based integration subsystem allows you to quickly add additional APIs and manage existing APIs without breaking existing code

Standards Support

  • Support for modern identity access management (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO), including Oauth 2.0, use of APIs is both secure and supports all popular modern “sign in as Google, Apple, etc.” capabilities
  • Extendibility and backward compatibility: out of box support for many TMF APIs

Business Models

  • B2C, B2B, B2B2X and wholesale business models
  • Any type of technology & services: fixed, voice, 5G, FTTX, IoT and OTT
  • All scenarios supported: from a rapid new product or entire brand launch, to ground up customer experience revamp

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