Designed for optimum agility, scalability, and availability.

Cloud-Native BSS Platform |

Public clouds, private clouds, bare metal or hybrid

CompaxDigital BSS is a modern microservices-based enterprise application platform, developed from the ground up as a cloud-first application that can be deployed in any environment, including public clouds, private clouds, bare metal, or hybrid. Public cloud is the most prevalent mode for all recent deployments of CompaxDigital BSS, providing the best scalability, high-availability, agility, and DevOps support possible.

All CompaxDigital BSS functional modules—from customer, product, revenue, service and business process management to workflow engine and integration development, monitoring and operation subsystems—are developed on top of the platform as microservices that are connected via published, secure APIs. Modules can be deployed in any order, as well as integrated with third-party products providing similar functionality.

Combined with the digital process automation, multi-tenancy, and API-first omnichannel UI, CompaxDigital cloud-native platform positions CompaxDigital BSS as one of the best, most modern BSS platforms for digital service providers.


All Business Models and Technology Support


Fast Tracks and Full-Scale Transformations

Digital BSS

Next-gen Platform Built for Agility and Speed

Why CompaxDigital

Practical engineering. Transparent partnership. Fully configurable platform.


  • Cloud-native BSS platform for public and private cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment
  • Modern microservices-based platform with a unique multi-tenant deployment approach
  • Highest level of flexible process automation via no/low-code microservices Workflow Engine

Genuine SaaS Model

  • Straightforward licensing fee with right to use of all relevant modules
  • Unlimited use for multiple lines of business or brands within the same multi-tenant deployment
  • No additional third-party license costs, all based on proven widely available open-source products

Quick Start & Reuse

  • Reusable core software component, e.g., business processes, integrations
  • Small and highly qualified teams rotating across projects and ensuring knowledge share
  • Project configurations and new features quickly available as OOB functionality

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