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Full BSS Stack Cloud-Native Genuine SaaS Experience Multi-Tenancy Agile Delivery and DevOps

Comprehensive, yet agile. Mission-critical solutions designed together with business.

Product Agility and Innovation at Scale

CompaxDigital, with our cloud-native BSS SaaS Platform, is a game changer in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing the most modern and innovative software, and a genuine BSS SaaS experience, as well as taking full responsibility for implementing our solutions, and if needed, running and operating the full BSS system for our valued customers around the world.

With over 30 years of experience building, supporting and operating BSS systems in mission critical projects, we offer future-proof tier-1 solutions leveraging the latest and most robust technologies, including microservices-based architecture, public cloud deployment and workflow-driven Customer, Revenue and Business Process Management.

On the delivery side, CompaxDigital employs the fully agile solution delivery approach, working with our customers and delivery partners in an open, collaborative, and transparent environment, which allows you to achieve business goals in record time compared to a traditional delivery approach. On the operational side, CompaxDigital provides comprehensive DevOps capabilities, making the BSS Platform available as a full SaaS model with a lower TCO than traditional BSS solutions.

Our Clients

CompaxDigital works across the globe with clients including telecoms, media, and government institutions. We rely on long-standing in-depth collaborations, regardless of company size or industry, and we have the satisfied clients to prove it.

The BSS Software for the Entire Customer Journey

A comprehensive operating system that moves as fast as the market changes.


  • Full set of modules deployed in a plug & play environment
  • API-first approach, omnichannel customer, sales & partner journeys


  • B2C, B2B, B2B2X and wholesale business models
  • Any type of technology & services: fixed, voice, 5G, FTTX, IoT and OTT


  • Cloud-native, public and private cloud, on-premises & hybrid
  • Microservices-based platform with a unique multi-tenant deployment

Agile Delivery

  • Unmatched expertise in tier-1 business critical solution delivery
  • Scope adjustment on the fly & seamless transition to DevOps

Genuine SaaS Model

  • Unlimited use for multiple lines of business within the same deployment
  • No additional 3rd-party license costs, all based on open-source products

Quick Start & Reuse

  • Reusable core software component, e.g., business processes, integrations
  • Approved project configurations immediately available in platform

Our Approach Is Different

Because you need a game changer on your side

CompaxDigital is known for its practical BSS software, our agile-based delivery model, and our ‘easy to work with’ approach. We are highly responsive and work transparently with you to save time and money.

Achieve Product Agility and Transformation at Scale

  • API-first approach, omnichannel customer & partner journeys
  • Faster Time-to-Cash via workflow automation
  • Modular deployment in a plug & play environment

Lower Barriers to Innovation and Opportunity

  • Build-once & reuse as-a-service across offerings or segments
  • Secure support for brands, segments, and third-party partners within single platform

Continuously Deliver & Enhance Customer Experience

  • Ensure omnichannel and API-first UI and experience
  • Complex B2B2x products from multiple partners at various marketplaces

Digital BSS

Optimized Agility and Improved Scale


All Business Models and Technology Support


Fast Tracks and Full-scale Transformations

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