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Digital Transformation Fast Tracks, New Service Rollout and New Business Lines Enablement

CompaxDigital enables transformational and greenfield projects for all lines of business including B2C, B2B, B2B2X and wholesale/wholebuy. The innovative BSS platform supports any type of technology & services: fixed, voice, 5G, FTTX, IoT and OTT.


MVNE/MVNO business model continues to be very dynamic and popular around the world, with many carriers using it to roll out second brands and further monetize their existing mobile networks via attracting MVNO partners.

B2B2X & Converged BSS

B2B2x is an emerging business model that allows service providers to generate more revenue both as providers of solutions that include other companies OTT products and services and by participating in ecosystems of other solution vendors as the core enabler of their offerings.


Wholesale, especially in the areas of IoT, FTTx, VoIP, satellite and other network-focused services, is an important and growing market segment with its own unique needs. CompaxDigital BSS is a proven solution in addressing these unique challenges such as exceptionally large bills and invoices (tens of millions of subscribers), complex account structures, frame agreements with volume-based discounts and penalties and so on.

Digital BSS Transformation

Moving from legacy monolithic, on-premises, back-office oriented BSS solutions in an ongoing process in telco service providers, prompted by multiple factors, such as the need to introduce new services, optimize customer, partner and sales journeys, and reduce operation costs.

5G Service Rollout

The ongoing 5G services rollout and introduction of advanced 5G standards like 5G Standalone, MEC, slices and QoS provides new opportunities to service providers, especially in the areas of B2B and B2B2x offerings.

FTTx Service Rollout

Rollout of new FTTx networks and services delivered on top of them continues with both existing and new CSP’s building new FTTx networks and making them available to their customers and partners.

IoT / M2M

IoT/M2M is a growing B2B market which allows further monetize existing mobile networks, as well as get additional revenue from new 5G services. Similar to Wholesale and B2B2x markets, it has its own specific needs such as complex frame agreements, handling large post-paid usage charges, producing complex bills and invoices, and handling settlements.

Mobility / Tolling

Commercial tolling is a market that is defined by having multiple partners – toll owners – working together with transport companies in order to provide an efficient and easy to use services and systems. CompaxDigital BSS is a native, proven fit for such systems with its customer and partner management, revenue management and multi-tenancy capabilities.


With rapid advancements in satellite production and launch technology and moving to LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and MEO satellite constellations, satellite communications are quickly moving from a specialized niche service with specialized devices and a high cost, to the mainstream. Satellite services become another viable communication option now that the latest smartphones are able to talk to satellites directly and the newest 5G 3GPP standards enabling interoperability between 5G and satellite networks.

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