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We Are CompaxDigital

Collaboration from start to finish. We use Agile as our credo.

We make BSS easy, fast and agile. CompaxDigital BSS is a modern and fully modular BSS Platform that is based on the microservices architecture, the open data model, and open API’s. It provides unified Customer Information Management, Revenue Management and Product Management capabilities and allows for optimal customer experience and the highest level of business process automation. It employs a modern low/no-code concept allowing business users to set up and adjust the key aspects of the solution without the need to involve the IT personnel.

You’re not just buying functionality; you’re getting “brainware” – access to a team of digital experts who live and breathe innovation and agility.

Our Clients

CompaxDigital works across the globe with clients including telecoms, media, and government institutions. We rely on long-standing in-depth collaborations, regardless of company size or industry, and we have the satisfied clients to prove it.

Our Approach Is Different

Because you need a game changer on your side

CompaxDigital is known for its practical BSS software, our agile-based delivery model, and our ‘easy to work with’ approach. We are highly responsive and work transparently with you to save time and money.

Take Advantage of Being First with Accelerated Time to Market

Reduce setup time to accommodate market and customer trends. Rapidly change over and add new products as fast as you need without a corresponding increase in changeover or IT costs.

Get Ready for the Future with a Fully Configurable BSS platform

Take advantage of modern data management and architecture for scale, so you can support the next generation of offerings across all your lines of business and market sectors.

Delight Customers with Reduced Operational Costs

Ensure you’re ready to support customers and reduce churn with improved BSS capabilities. Remove and eliminate unneeded overhead and redundancies in your current software and reduce your cost of service.

Ready Wherever You Are




Success Stories

B2C Quadruple Play Service Enablement

Cloud-first BSS Stack enables B2C Quadruple Play service offering to multimillion residential customer base.

Cloud BSS for Quadruple Play Services

Cloud-native BSS Stack for a converged service offering with a 3-month time-to-market for Swisscom’s second brand.

Cloud-Native BSS for Tier-1 B2B IoT

Full BSS Stack to enable global IoT connectivity for enterprises.

We’re Hiring!

We are passionate software developers, IT specialists, communicators, and problem-solvers who understand business. Working at Compax, you’ll quickly realize that we don’t believe in hierarchies. Everyone is accountable, and we all share a common goal. No one gets left behind at Compax. Frequent workshops, conference attendance, and professional development are integral to employee onboarding and growth. Join our team!