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CompaxDigital BSS is a modern and fully modular BSS Platform that is based on the microservices architecture, the open data model, and open APIs. It provides unified Customer Information Management, Revenue Management and Product Management capabilities and allows for optimal customer experience and the highest level of business process automation.

At its core, CompaxDigital BSS is process-oriented and relies on the microservices-based CompaxDigital Workflow Engine, which allows setup of end-to-end processes of any complexity and seamless integrations with external systems. It employs a modern low/no-code concept allowing business users to set up and adjust the key aspects of the solution without the need to involve IT personnel.

It is fully suited to the Agile delivery and the DevOps approaches, and for multi-speed deployment. The microservices-based Integration Subsystem ensures stable and flexible integrations, as well as enables evolving the system retaining full backward compatibility for new interfaces and functional updates.

Channels and Sales

The Channels and Sales module allows working with customers and partners through all possible channels – web, app, retail, partner, email, social. It enables digital orchestration of customer and sales journeys across all channels.

The eShop component provides extensive self-service capabilities, including product comparison, feasibility checks, and recommendations, along with quotation and ordering. The eCare component enables intuitive account and product management. The Partner Portal stores all data on partner products, contracts and billing data.

Product Management

Product Management handles all aspects related to products for both customers and partners, starting from the initial introduction, promotional campaigns, CPQ and fulfillment, to change management, upgrades/downgrades, billing, disputes, and product retirement.

The Product Catalog is a central part of the CompaxDigital BSS Platform. It handles all information on products that are available to customers and partners via various channels. The product information includes product descriptions, product availability, product dependencies, product options, posting rules, tariffs and charge types, terms, and condition, etc. It is extensively used in customer management and product inventory, shopping APIs, CPQ, order management, rating, billing, bill presentment and others BSS components.

Customer Management

Customer Management provides a single point of truth for all customer data such as contact, accounts, products and subscriptions, open cases, communications, store visits and more. It also enables many customer-related business processes like CPQ, Order Management, and Case Management.

CompaxDigital Customer Management includes such components as 360 View Dashboard, Contract Management, Opportunity Management, CPQ and Frame Agreements, Lead Management and Document Management. The CSR Desktop component enables a highly personalized workplace and manages essential communications with the customer including document, contracts and emails.

Partner Management

Partner Management enables B2B and B2B2x business models and allows dealing with partners of all types, from wholesale access providers to MVNE/MVNOs, application and marketplace partners, and solution providers/system integrators to support complex B2B/B2B2x relationships.

The Partner Management component enables highly flexible and sophisticated partner engagement schemas including via B2B2x marketplaces for telecom and non-telecom products & services – as supported by CompaxDigital Product Catalog.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management handles all financial aspects of dealings with customers and partners, from providing usage information to creating bills and invoices, handling payments, supporting GL reporting and performing dunning and collection functions.

Revenue Management closely engages Customer Accounts and Services and the Product Catalog modules and includes such components as Billing, near-real time Rating, Mediation, Partner Billing, Bill Presentment, Payments, Subledger and Collections Management & Disputes.


The Online Charging System (OCS) allows charging customers in real time based on service usage. The OCS has a highly flexible Charging and Rating Engine with interfaces to rate any kind of services, including time-based or event-based services, session based or session-less services or any combination of them.

The OCS also includes other features that allow operators to differentiate themselves by providing customized value added services, such as: convergent real-time charging, pre- and post-paid charging, cost control, location-based rating, roaming awareness, subscriber lifecycle management.

Service Management

Service Management handles logical and physical resources of the telco products provided to customers and partners. It enables service order management, service activation and relies on the Service Catalog as the central function.

The Service Catalog is pre-integrated with the Product Catalog and contains detailed service descriptions, as well as relationships between Products, Services and Resources. The Service Provisioning component automates service network provisioning, completes the end-to-end service delivery process, and provides a unified vendor-agnostic approach to service activation.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management is the core of CompaxDigital BSS. It enables key process automation capabilities using the microservices-based Workflow Engine, flexible integrations via the microservices-based integration Subsystem, roles and security management, monitoring and reporting, multi-tenancy and more.

It is central to adaptive digital customer, partner and sales journeys, order management, support and case management, billing, and finance automation, change management. Based on the low/no-code configuration approach and with a large 1600+ library of customer-proven and fully re-usable workflow automation items, CompaxDigital Business Process Automation allows to quickly automate all kinds of operations for all types of service providers.


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Why CompaxDigital

Practical engineering. Transparent partnership. Fully configurable platform.

Cloud Native

Modern, cloud-native full stack BSS that can be deployed in public and private clouds. Genuine SaaS BSS experience

Innovation & Technology

Technologically advanced microservices-based, modular, open architecture coupled with agile delivery.

Agile Delivery

Business driven, cost effective and fully transparent. Unmatched expertise in tier-1 solution delivery. Seamless transition toDevOps.

Integration Capabilities

Full set of REST APIs, TMF APIs, Microservices Subsystem allowing any party to develop the required integrations.

Cost Reusability and Time-to-Market

Core software component, project configurations and new features quickly available as OOB functionality.

Reporting & Analytics

Real time data for analysis and optimization including customer journey analytics. Configurable dashboards and reports.

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