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The Challenge

B2B2x is an emerging business model that allows service providers to generate more revenue, both as providers of solutions that include other companies’ OTT products and services and by participating in ecosystems of other solution vendors as the core enabler of their offerings. But delivering internal and partner-sourced digital products is often stifled by legacy partner management systems that are centralized and overly complex.

The Solution

CompaxDigital BSS provides the key capabilities needed to support B2B2x services, such as partner management, partner product management, marketplaces, cross-domain order orchestration, and support. CompaxDigital BSS also provides a unique value via our multi-tenancy capability that allows multiple partner systems to work from a single code and configuration base, but be managed, changed, and operated independently.

CompaxDigital’s vast experience in solution delivery and transitioning to the full DevOps operation mode for both telco and non-telco partner-enabled services enables CSPs to streamline the launch and delivery of internal and partner-sourced digital products.

CompaxDigital Key Capabilities for B2B2X Converged BSS

Product Catalog

Cross-partner central Product Catalog that combines all types of products and enables quick and seamless assembly of B2B2x customer offers

CPQ and Order Management

Agile, microservices-based Workflow Management and no/low-code configuration to provide CPQ as required in B2B2x models

Partner Management and Marketplace

Manage partner products and provide customers – either business or retail – with a marketplace hosting both telco and non-telco products


Ability to share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes as well as provide cross-domain provisioning and instantly add new partners

API-first Omnichannel Experience

Full set of REST APIs and working over any channel – app, web, retail/PoS, or partner – allowing seamless integration into supply chain

Cloud-Native Deployment

Ability to deploy and integrate over public cloud, as well as support the emerging edge computing that is essential for B2B2x models

API-first Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel communications and processes for enhanced customer journey

Key Benefits Achieved

Secure market differentiation thru future-proof technology.

Deliver Internal and Partner-Sources Digital Products

  • Enable a flexible and centralized marketplace
  • Provide a cross-partner central Product Catalog
  • Enable API-first Provisioning for Partner Products
Ensure Quick and Easy Partner Onboarding

  • Full set of REST API’s and work over any channel
  • Build-once & reuse across offerings or segments
  • Support public cloud and edge computing
Improve Efficiency and Operational Agility

  • No/low-code workflow management for CPQ
  • Share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes
  • Deliver new functionality via configuration and codebase reuse


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