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Fast Tracks and Digital Brands |

The Challenge

The telecommunications industry is driven by new technologies/devices, new markets, and innovative services. While some technology roll-outs are planned long-term, innovative services and market expansions occur quickly, especially when competitors succeed and carriers must quickly replicate to catch up and protect their customer base. Legacy, monolithic, on-premises, single-tenant, back-office-oriented Business Support Systems (BSS) hinder market expansion and innovative service testing due to their lack of speed, agility, and modern capabilities—such as omnichannel APIs and Generative AI enablement—necessary for fast-track experiments. They are also costly to expand and adapt, making it challenging to test hypotheses, scale successful initiatives, or pivot strategies quickly.

The Solution

CompaxDigital BSS provides a fully digital, modern, modular, and tier 1-proven BSS platform. It is designed around the principles of agile digital journeys, Generative AI (GenAI) enablement, microservices, DevSecOps, continuous delivery and continuous integration (CD/CI), multi-tenancy, API-first access, omnichannel support, and public-cloud-native deployments. Emphasizing the Agile delivery methodology and robust, unique multi-tenancy, CompaxDigital BSS leverages its extensive experience in new line-of-business delivery projects, making it a proven choice for fast-track “greenfield” Digital BSS projects.

At the heart of CompaxDigital BSS is a production-proven no-code/low-code Workflow Engine. The Workflow Engine facilitates agile digital customer journeys across various channels—app, web, retail, or partner—and provides full GenAI enablement capabilities. Utilizing unique multi-tenancy features with a highly reusable library of automation templates and processes, the platform offers unparalleled speed in deploying new fast-track solutions. Additionally, its comprehensive set of REST APIs supports modern authentication and sign-up standards. Combined with a flexible microservices integration system with full monitoring and operations capabilities, CompaxDigital BSS is an ideal choice for establishing a foundation for continuous innovation.

CompaxDigital Key Capabilities for Fast Tracks Rollout

Agile Customer Journey Management

Agile digital process automation from customer acquisition to support to upsell an/or retention flexibly covers entire customer journey

Future-proof GenAI Enablement

Ability to incorporate any new case or capability supported by rapidly evolving GenAI models, without the need for product upgrades or customization

API-first Omnichannel Experience

Full set of REST APIs with identity management and modern authentication methods, working over any channel – app, web, retail/PoS, or partner

Multi-Tenancy Deployment

Ability to share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes, provide cross-domain provisioning and instantly add new lines of business

Support all Service Types

CompaxDigital near real-time rating and bBilling with online charging of pre-integrated OCSs supports prepaid, postpaid, and converged

Genuinely Modular

Ability to start with an optimal set of the core modules needed for the initial transformation and seamlessly add more as transformation progresses

Full Scale Digital Transformation of the Consumer Business

Modernizing the IT landscape for the B2C line of business

Cloud BSS for Quadruple Play Services

Cloud-native BSS Stack for a converged service offering with a 3-month time-to-market for Swisscom’s second brand

Key Benefits Achieved

Secure market differentiation thru future-proof technology.

Achieve Product Agility and Transformation at Scale

  • API-first approach, agile omnichannel customer & partner journeys, GenAI-enabled
  • Faster Time-to-Cash via workflow automation
  • Modular deployment in a plug & play environment
Lower Barriers to Innovation and Opportunity

  • Build once & reuse across lines of business and segments
  • Ability to start with the minimum and seamlessly evolve
  • Support for all types of services and technologies
Continuously Deliver & Enhance Customer Experience

  • Ensure omnichannel and API-first UI and experience
  • Complex B2B2x products from multiple partners at various marketplaces


Product Configurability
and Innovation at Scale

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