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The Challenge

Wholesale, especially in the areas of IoT, FTTx, VoIP, satellite and other network-focused services, is an important and growing market segment with its own unique needs. To monetize and reinvent these complex partner ecosystems, carriers must be able to handle both the scale and complexity across numerous business entities and operational processes.

The Solution

CompaxDigital BSS is a proven solution, used by some of the largest wholesale operators on the market, to address wholesale’s unique challenges, such as exceptionally large bills and invoices (tens of millions of subscribers), complex account structures, frame agreements with volume-based discounts and penalties, resources & numbers management, complex inquires and settlement management processes, flexible invoice data delivery and so on.

In addition to the main functional components required for a wholesale solution, CompaxDigital also provides a unique multi-tenant deployment, available in public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises, that enables efficient and agile management of large wholesale customers, allowing them to be added as tenants on an environment that shares the same infrastructure, codebase, integrations, and business processes. And it is backed by CompaxDigital’s extensive experience in successfully delivering complex BSS solutions using agile development for a seamless and smooth implementation.

CompaxDigital Key Capabilities for Wholesale

Product Catalog & Frame Agreements

Manage all wholesale products and offers with complex frame agreements, volume-based discounts, and flexible usage rules (e.g., activated vs non-activated SIMs)


Ability to share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes, as well as provide cross-domain provisioning, and instantly add new wholesale customers

CPQ and Order Management

Agile, microservices-based workflow management and a configurable way to do a flexible wholesale CPQ and order management

API-first Provisioning for Partner Products

Full set of REST APIs enabling wholesale customers to access the products they use to provide a full set of operations such as SIM provisioning, etc.

High-Volume Billing

Easy to setup and quick to execute large bill runs for complex billing accounts with tens of millions of customer subscriptions such as large IoT bills

Flexible Invoicing

Set up complex business accounts, invoice review and approval processes, and invoices distribution to multiple addresses in multiple formats

Cloud-Native BSS for Tier-1 B2B IoT

Full BSS Stack to enable global IoT connectivity for enterprises

Key Benefits Achieved

Secure market differentiation thru future-proof technology.

Monetize Partner Relationships and Reinvent the Ecosystem

  • Flexibly manage products and partners
  • Enable complex and high volume billing
  • Support complex business accounts and approvals

Ensure Quick and Easy Partner Onboarding

  • Build once & reuse as-a-service across offerings or segments
  • Secure support for brands, segments, and third-party partners within a single platform

Improve Efficiency and Operational Agility

  • Enable API-first Provisioning for Partner Products
  • Share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes
  • Deliver new functionality via configuration and codebase reuse


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