Cloud-Native BSS for Tier-1 B2B IoT

Deutsche Telekom T-IoT

Full BSS Stack to enable global IoT connectivity for enterprises.

Customer Profile

T-IoT was designed to simplify the global IoT connectivity for enterprises. A result of the T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom launch, T-IoT provides a comprehensive enterprise solution for global IoT connectivity, platform management, and support.

With T-IoT, enterprises have one global team and one global solution to manage all their connections across borders! It is aimed to be available across 188 destinations, on 383 networks worldwide.

Compax has always been a very good and reliable partner, both in terms of technical capabilities and dedication to the project. With our experience over the last several years, we would again decide on Compax.

Deutsche Telekom

The Challenge

In 2015, Deutsche Telekom required a more flexible and comprehensive cloud BSS platform capable of meeting the rigorous technical and functional IoT requirements and ensuring a win of a critical business opportunity.

The B2B IoT solution would have to be launched in exceptionally short time frames and scaled out across multiple subsidiaries with the long-term goal of enabling Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile to achieve market parity as an IoT connectivity provider for enterprises.

The Solution

Central IoT platform for Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile across Europe and the USA. The solution covers:

  • IoT SIM Card Management from Customer Front Ends
  • Frame Contract Management
  • Product Catalogue
  • Order Management
  • OSS/Network Provisioning
  • Revenue Management Including Rating, Billing, and Invoicing

The B2B customer base is exceptionally diverse from SMEs up to enterprise customers having millions of subscriptions in their account.

Benefits Achieved

  • Record time to production, TTM for B2B IoT services
  • Tens of millions of SIM cards supported; high volume billing
  • Enabled market expansion and new customer acquisition
  • Cloud-native, open, modular, microservices-based architecture
  • Feature-rich and flexible BSS platform
  • Agile delivery, DevOps by CompaxDigital Dev Team

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