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Generative AI has the power to transform business operations. Still, its rapid evolution means you must be ready for today’s LLM and SLM use cases and enabled to capitalize on future AI innovations. CSPs don’t want to be locked into GenAI-powered solutions whose hard-coded or custom-coded scenarios don’t allow for the inevitable innovation and evolution.

CompaxDigital’s GenAI-enabled platform helps businesses flexibly build AI into their strategic business operations. From customer service workflows to new customer onboarding journeys, our platform ensures service providers can experiment and customize to fit the use cases, business opportunities, policies, and processes you need across the entire customer life cycle.

Sample Gen AI Use Cases

Navigate Complex Deals

GenAI can navigate the complexity of recommending the best possible deals to new customers, whether the deals come from partners or open access models

Optimizing Dispute Resolution

Customer billing dispute resolution could be transformed through GenAI, reducing resolution time and eliminating manual effort

Why CompaxDigital

Balance innovation and practicality
Native, future-proof BSS for GenAI
Reusable digital workflows

Full Data Access for GenAI

Whether generating content or providing decision advice, the platform facilitates comprehensive, seamless data utilization.
Comprehensive Integration Capabilities

Manage standard third-party integrations transparently, including support for REST APIs, Kafka/JMS, Batch (SFTP), and Console.

Granular Automation & Orchestration

Flexible Workflow Engine enables customer engagement, personalization, and operational excellence across all customer interactions
Maximizing Reusability

Libraries of atomic automations and automated processes, along with multi-tenancy, make it easy to reuse successful GenAI capabilities


Optimized Agility and
Improved Scale


All Business Models
and Technology Support


Agile Delivery for
Business Critical Projects

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AI chat agent:
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AI-Powered Sustainable
Smart Farming

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