One platform – several brands. Fully multi-tenant deployment


The Challenge

To profit from massive network investments, carriers must be able to roll out new lines of business rapidly. The MVNE/MVNO business model continues to be very dynamic and popular around the world, with many carriers using it to roll out second brands and further monetize their existing mobile networks by attracting MVNO partners, but legacy BSS is often an obstacle.

The Solution

CompaxDigital BSS provides several unique capabilities, such as multi-tenancy and microservices-based integrations, that enable the MVNE/MNVO model most optimally. CompaxDigital ensures quick and easy support for MVNO partners of different types, from basic rebranding/reselling all the way to full MVNOs with their own core mobile networks, OCS/CSS, etc.

Following a track of proven success, CSPs often deploy CompaxDigital’s MVNE/MVNO solution for their MVNE using CompaxDigital proven agile delivery approach, and then quickly—within weeks, or a few months, depending on the complexity of the Product Catalog and the Order Management—onboards new MVNOs to the MVNE platform by adding tenants and reusing integrations, processes, etc. already present on the MVNE tenant.

CompaxDigital Key Capabilities for MVNE/MVNO

Product Catalog

Manage all MVNE/MNVO products and offers with bundles, allowances, devices, OTT & IoT services, shared usage, and volume-based discounts

API-first Omnichannel Experience

Full set of REST APIs enabling modern authentication methods, and working over any channel – app, web, retail/PoS, or partner

Customer Journey Management

Digital process automation, from customer acquisition to support for upsell and/or retention, flexibly covers entire customer journey


Ability to share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes, as well as provide cross-domain provisioning and instantly add new brands

Native OCS/CCS

Using pre-integrated Sonorys OCS or integrations with our partners from MATRIXX and Nokia for a full control of customer services

Support all Service Types

CompaxDigital near real-time rating and billing with online charging of pre-integrated OCSs supports prepaid, postpaid, and converged

Cloud BSS for Quadruple Play Services

Cloud-native BSS Stack for a converged service offering with a 3-month time-to-market for Swisscom’s second brand

Key Benefits Achieved

Secure market differentiation thru future-proof technology.

Monetize Second Brands and Partner Ecosystems

  • Flexibly manage new products and partners
  • Support light and full MVNO models
  • Deliver full functionality as an MVNE
Quick and Easy MVNO Rollout

  • Build once & reuse across offerings or segments
  • Share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes
  • Central Product Catalog to manage all MVNE/MNVO products and offers
Enhance and Simplify Customer Journey

  • Digital process automation from acquisition to upsell
  • Ensure omnichannel and API-first UI and experience
  • Full featured support for bundles, allowances, devices, OTT & IoT services, shared usage, and volume-based discounts


Product Configurability
and Innovation at Scale

Digital BSS

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for Agility and Speed


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