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Digital Process Automation through No/Low-Code Configuration

Digital Process Automation capability is at the core of any digital transformation, making it a must-have for any modern BSS platform to have natively. And for the microservices-based world, with its rapid pace of innovation, instant time-to-market requirements, mandatory CD/CI and DevOps abilities, and quickly advancing AI/ML capabilities, Digital Process Automation should also be modern—meaning it is available everywhere it is needed, is agile, flexible, no/low-code configurable, with a reusable components library, and with the ability to produce detailed analytical data and to adjust based on that data.

CompaxDigital’s microservices-based Workflow Engine is at the core of all automation in CompaxDigital BSS, and it is designed to support all components important for a digital BSS. It enables everything from adaptive digital customer, partner and sales journeys, to order management, support and case management, billing and finance automation, change management and many others. Based on low/no-code configuration approach, and with a large library of 1600+ customer-proven, reusable workflow automation items, CompaxDigital BSS allows you to quickly automate digital processes and activities for the entire operations, for any type of service provider.

Combined with the cloud-native approach, multi-tenancy and API-first omnichannel UI, CompaxDigital digital process automation positions CompaxDigital BSS as one of the best, most modern BSS platforms for digital service providers.


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Why CompaxDigital

Practical engineering. Transparent partnership. Fully configurable platform.

Workflow Automation

  • Configure repeatable processes and operations through clicks, not code
  • Integrate both outbound and inbound integration calls seamlessly into cross-domain workflows
  • Process automation of any complexity—from simplistic tasks to end-to-end order management

Reporting & Analytics

  • Full visibility into process fallouts with ability to restart and change on the fly
  • Full set of real- time data for analysis and optimization including customer journey analytics
  • Configurable dashboards and reports at the required monitoring granularity

Quick Start and Reuse

  • Reusable core software component, e.g., business processes, integrations
  • Small and highly qualified teams rotate across projects and ensure knowledge share
  • Project configurations and new features quickly available as OOB functionality

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