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Agile Delivery

Rapid time to market and cost efficiency are the top goals even for complex digital transformation projects. The very nature of digital BSS is its ability to quickly change, adjust and evolve, and the advent of continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps as must-haves for production system operation are proving that the traditional waterfall approach to service delivery is reaching the limit of its usefulness. An agile delivery approach is necessary.

CompaxDigital has been working exclusively in an agile delivery model for the past 15+ years, successfully delivering solutions and operating full DevOps environments for some of the largest service providers in the world. This vast experience with agile delivery, combined with the deep understanding of how digital BSS should be architected and built to be suitable for agile delivery, realized in CompaxDigital BSS,a modern, robust and flexible BSS platform, is the foundation of CompaxDigital’s successful track record in delivering BSS solutions for service providers across the world in record time, and within or under budget.

How It Works: SCRUM Approach

Scrum Is Our Credo

Scrum is the project management tool that we use every day. It helps us makes sure we have everything under control, regardless of the size of the project, and keeps us efficient and close to our clients.

For us, Scrum means splitting the workload into small packages and focusing on each package as a sprint. For you, Scrum means that we are constantly fine-tuning things, involving you and incorporating your feedback.

The Advantages of Scrum

  • Easy to understand
  • Communication is uncomplicated
  • Highly effective thanks to self-organization
  • Highly transparent thanks to regular meetings
  • Feedback is incorporated promptly
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Problems are identified quickly
  • Little administrative and documentation work

DevOps Enablement

DevOps (or DevSecOps) and CD/CI are the preferred modes of operation for all modern software solutions environments. However, not all software solutions or operational teams have the ability, knowledge, and experience necessary to successful transition and operate that way.

While CompaxDigital Agile Delivery approach makes it easy to start implementations and get results quickly, without a lengthy and costly business analysis phase, it is also the best way to seamlessly transition and maintain CD/CI and DevOps operations for the production system. CompaxDigital BSS, solution delivery and DevOps teams enable customers to successfully transition their BSS environments to full DevOps operations, be in public or private clouds, or on-premises.

Support Services and Trainings

Enterprise software solutions, such as digital BSS, are complex pieces of software that need personnel who are trained and supported in using them to properly operate, troubleshoot and fix problems, and in general, make the most out of the functions and features the solutions provide.

CompaxDigital provides a full set of support services, as well as training courses for customer and partner personnel to enable them to get maximum value from CompaxDigital solutions.

Our Solutions

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Our Technology

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Digital BSS

Next-gen Platform Built for Agility and Speed

Why CompaxDigital

Practical engineering. Transparent partnership. Fully configurable platform.

Agile Delivery

  • Unmatched expertise in tier-1 solution delivery in the agile mode for business critical projects
  • Flexible way of involving business from the initial design to MVP to full digital transformation
  • Ability to adjust scope on the fly per business needs and seamlessly transition to DevOps


  • Solutions for B2C, B2B, B2B2x and wholesale business models for any type of operators
  • Support for any type of technology and services, including fixed, voice, 5G, FTTX, IoT and OTT
  • All scenarios supported: from a rapid new product or entire brand launch to ground up digital transformations


  • Cloud-native BSS platform for public and private cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment
  • Modern microservices-based platform with a unique multi-tenant deployment approach
  • Highest level of flexible process automation via no/low code microservices Workflow Engine

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