At CompaxDigital, we’re all equals.

Work at CompaxDigital

We are an agile company that stands behind its team 100%. Our work is based on self-organisation and we value solidarity. We reap the benefits of this approach, but even more importantly, so do our clients. And we give them the best.

Our Benefits

  • Structure your workday yourself: Our flextime model lets you choose when you want to work.
  • All you need is your knowledge: We provide the entire infrastructure.
  • Office nomad never again: All employees have their own set workstation.
  • Room for ideas: Bright, open office spaces contribute to productivity.
  • Just like home (almost): A comfortable office atmosphere is important.

Events & Leisure Time

  • Come as you are: We don’t believe in dress codes.
  • All roads lead to us: Our offices are in convenient locations.
  • Team spirit doesn’t end when you leave the office: Togetherness is a given, whether we’re playing sports or organising activities in our free time.

A Strong Team

If you work at CompaxDigital, you’ll quickly realise that we don’t believe in hierarchies. Everyone is accountable, and we all share a common goal. That improves productivity and helps create a positive atmosphere. Our CompaxDigital spirit extends beyond our work.

Moving Forward Together

No one gets left behind at CompaxDigital. Frequent workshops, lively discussions with other team members, conference attendance, and professional development are a matter of course. For new employees, it all starts at CompaxDigital University, where we share our CompaxDigital DNA. The following technologies are the standard at CompaxDigital:

  • Java
  • Frameworks: JSF, Ajax, Spring, Axis 2, hibernate, XML Beans, primefaces J2EE
  • Application/Webserver: Jboss/Wild Fly, Maven
  • Databases: Oracle 12, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server
  • Interfaces: Hibernate, XMLBeans, JMS, AXIS2, SOAP, REST/JSON, Webservices, etc.

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