Cloud BSS for Quadruple Play Services


Cloud-native BSS Stack for a converged service offering with a 3-month time-to-market for Swisscom’s second brand.

Customer Profile

Part of Swisscom, Wingo is a digital telecom focused on a streamlined offering of fair prices and the highest-quality performance for mobile and internet & TV services.

The Wingo brand reduces the products on offer to the essentials and minimizes technical complexity. Communication with customers, ordering subscriptions, and support are only offered online.

For their main target profile, Wingo focuses on residential customers who already possess excellent knowledge of the digital world and wish to consciously avoid certain services.

The Challenge

In 2015, due to spiking competition, Swisscom was challenged with launching a second brand to successfully target urban, technically savvy customers.

The digital solution would have to provide exceptional online customer experience with the requirement of a launch within a record 3-month timeframe.

The Solution

Cloud-native full BSS stack for mobile, fixed, and internet services, B2C line of business.

Platform configurability and the modern open, modular, and microservices-based architecture were the decisive factors that enabled the rapid rollout.

The solution scope includes:

  • Sales Enablement (Ecommerce & eShop)
  • Revenue Management (Billing, Rating, Accounts Receivable)
  • Product Catalogue (Commercial and Technical Offering)
  • Customer Management, Customer Problem Management
  • Customer Order Management & Provisioning

The 2-week agile release cycles and the close collaboration with the customer business & IT leads ensured the platform reached production within the target 3 months and delivered the competitive edge Swisscom required to maintain the market position.

Benefits Achieved

  • Record 3 months to production, TTM for converged service offering
  • Support growth of 10–20K new subscriptions per month
  • Retained competitive positioning and expanded customer reach
  • Cloud-native, open, modular, microservices-based architecture
  • Exceptional configurability and flexibility of the BSS platform
  • Agile delivery, business-driven, and transparent customer engagement

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