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Roll out new brands and lines of business within hours

Rapid time-to-market, partnerships and cost-efficiency are all critical aspects of the current service provider environment, with the need to quickly introduce not just new offers and new products, but entire second, third, even fourth brands, to onboard MVNOs, to add partners’ products and services and to provide your own products and services via partners. To do it all cost efficiently and quickly, there is the multi-tenancy approach, very common in modern mass market SaaS, but not yet as widespread in enterprise systems such as BSS.

Multi-tenancy is a unique feature of CompaxDigital BSS that allows multiple instances of CompaxDigital BSS to share the same codebase and reuse existing configurations (e.g., integrations, sub- workflows, etc.), as well as connect and reference data, and orchestrate cross-tenant processes across multiple channels. Most importantly, it allows each instance to be adjusted and configured independently without impacting other instances, which is ideal in case where multiple business units, or customer and partners, are participating as tenants in multi-tenant environment. It is a feature that makes most B2B, B2B2x, MVNO/MVNE, wholesale and partner marketplace environments much quicker to deploy and efficient to operate, and enables complex cross-partner and provider-customer relationships.

Combined with the cloud-native approach, digital process automation and API-first omnichannel UI, CompaxDigital multi- tenancy positions CompaxDigital BSS as one of the best, most modern BSS platforms for digital service providers.

Using Multi-Tenancy for Higher Flexibility and Faster TTM

Growing revenue through new brands, B2B2x offerings and complex partner marketplaces becomes easier for telcos by using multi-tenancy to enable faster time to market and flexibility.


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Why CompaxDigital

Practical engineering. Transparent partnership. Fully configurable platform.

Time to Market

  • Quickly deploy entire new brands, onboard MVNOs and OTT partners
  • Share the same codebase and configurations, including integrations and workflows
  • Partition your BSS functions in different tenants for security, operability, and performance

Agility and Efficiency

  • Balance the infrastructure capacity across tenants depending on the load
  • Allow each tenant to have their own data and configurations, and share core functionality
  • Adjust tenants without impact on other implementations, while maintaining overall control

Genuine SaaS Model

  • Straightforward licensing fee with right to use of all relevant modules
  • Unlimited use for multiple lines of business or brands within the same multi-tenant deployment
  • No additional third-party license costs, all based on proven widely available open-source products

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