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Modern and future-proof technology for maximum agility

We offer Tier-1 and future-proof BSS solutions leveraging the latest and most robust technologies, including microservices-based architecture, public cloud deployment and workflow-driven Customer, Revenue and Business Process Management.

Cloud Native Platform

CompaxDigital BSS was developed from ground up as a cloud-first application that can be deployed in any environment, including public clouds, private clouds, bare metal, or hybrid. Public cloud is the most prevalent mode for all recent deployments of CompaxDigital BSS.

Digital Process Automation

The microservices-based Workflow Engine is at the core of all automations in CompaxDigital BSS. It enables adaptive digital customer, partner and sales journeys, order management, support and case management, change management and many more use cases.


Multi-tenancy is a unique feature of CompaxDigital BSS that allows multiple instances of CompaxDigital BSS to share the same codebase and reuse existing configurations (e.g., integrations, sub-workflows, etc.), as well as to connect and reference data, and orchestrate cross-tenant processes across multiple channels.

API-first Omnichannel Experience

CompaxDigital BSS is designed and built to enable omnichannel communications and processes. That is done via the API-first approach that supports all possible clients: web, mobile app, retail, and partner. It works via secure APIs, supports all kinds of authentication systems with all data stored and updated centrally.


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Digital BSS

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