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BSS/OCS readiness for network monetization

The ongoing 5G services rollout and introduction of advanced 5G standards, like 5G Standalone, MEC, slices and QoS, provides new opportunities to service providers, especially in the areas of B2B, IoT and B2B2x offerings. These opportunities require both functional and technical expansion of the entire set of a service provider’s existing BSS/OCS systems to monetize the new services.

The important aspects of the required new BSS functions include: close integration between pre-paid and postpaid rating, charging, and billing functions; flexible centralized product catalogs; support for complex frame agreement arrangements; MVNO/MVNE models; omnichannel APIs open for partners to take advantage of the new network capabilities and services; the ability to quickly deploy in the cloud; and more.

With its advanced multi-tenant architecture, proven B2B Customer, Product and Revenue Management, pre-integration with 5G-enabled OCS, open omnichannel APIs and microservices-based no/low-code workflow orchestration engine, CompaxDigital BSS is a natural choice to support full 5G rollouts and enable new emerging business models like B2B2x or IoT.

CompaxDigital Solution for FTTx Rollout

Product Catalog

Manage all 5G-enabled B2C, B2B and B2B2x products and offers with bundles, allowances, devices, OTT & IoT services, shared usage, and volume-based discounts

Cloud-native Deployment

Ability to deploy and integrate over public cloud, as well as support the emerging edge computing that is essential for cases with 5G cores deployed over cloud

CPQ and Order Management

Agile, microservices-based Workflow Management and no/low-code configuration to provide CPQ as required in Wholesale/B2B/B2B2x models


Ability to share infrastructure and reuse integrations and business processes, as well as provide cross-domain provisioning and instantly add new business models and partners

Native OCS/CCS

Use pre-integrated Sonorys OCS or integrations with our partners for full control and orchestration of customer services

Support for any type of services monetization

CompaxDigital near real-time rating and billing with online charging of pre-integrated OCSs supports prepaid, postpaid, and converged

Key Benefits Achieved

Embrace Technology Innovation

Embrace Technology Innovation

  • Multiple virtual networks through dynamic network slicing
  • Optimized operational costs
  • Dynamic scalability & reduced latency

Maximize 5G Market Opportunity

Maximize 5G Market Opportunity

  • Greater set of services and applications
  • High speed reliable service offerings for B2C/B2B
  • Increased capacity and improved reliability

Expand and Diversify Business Models

Expand and Diversify Business Models

  • Simultaneously connected devices and diverse usage patterns
  • Revolutionize connectivity for service & manufacturing industries
  • Support high value domains, e.g. digital twins and 3D robotic control


Product Configurability and Innovation at Scale

Digital BSS

Next-gen Platform Built for Agility and Speed


All Business Models and Technology Support

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