Corporate News: Growing Together Within a Digital Future — i-new Unified Mobile Solution is Acquired by CompaxDigital Holding

As of January 1, 2024, mobile communications specialist i-new Unified Mobile Solution has been acquired by CompaxDigital, a leading provider of BSS software. The merger between the two Austrian companies is led by Leopold Kojeder, CEO, co-founder and owner, CompaxDigital; Frank von Seth, CEO, i-new; and Deniz Beskök, COO, i-new.

The acquisition will focus on tapping into new and global growth markets, with the aim to continuously expand the product portfolio and sustainably increase the workforce. The combined software, technological and market expertise, partners and customers of both companies will pave the way for Compax’s next stage of development.

As a result of the merger, Compax will have more than 730 employees at international locations in 21 countries.

BSS and OSS Offer Competitive Advantage in a Tech-Driven Market

Today’s most significant technological innovations—AI, IoT and machine learning—are driving a tremendous wave of growth that is more dependent than ever before on a highly efficient network.

This network dependence presents growth opportunities for telecommunications companies, making Operating Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) vital tools for unlocking their digital potential. With effective, agile IT management of telecommunication providers and organizations, modern BSS and OSS solutions can offer a competitive advantage for these global telecommunications companies.

The close partnership between i-new Unified Mobile Solution and CompaxDigital Holding sets leading international standards for customers in that industry.

Kojeder: “Together Increasing our Standing as A Global Player”

“The acquisition of i-new is a perfect fit in our overall strategy to increase our standing as a global player in BSS/OSS. We can combine our agile and well-established AAX4 software with the market reach and service-oriented approach of i-new. Together and with more than 30 years’ experience both companies will be a stalwart partner in a complex world,” says Leopold Kojeder, CEO, CompaxDigital Holding.

Frank von Seth, CEO, i-new, comments: “The partnership between i-new and Compax brings two ideally suited companies into a joint organization. We are looking forward to the coming months with much excitement.”

Deniz Beskök, COO, i-new, adds: “Companies of all sizes in different industries realize every day how much they need innovative solutions. We want to be the best partner for this need.”

Read the official US Press Release:

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