Delivering Cutting-Edge Software for Growing Fiber Businesses

Generate immediate ROI and lay a flexible foundation for growth with solutions built for the fiber business

CompaxDigital modernizes critical billing and customer management functions for the most forward-thinking ISPs in the industry—from enterprise businesses to those connecting rural America—to help them generate immediate returns on their capital investment while laying a flexible foundation for growth.

“The collaboration with CompaxDigital was marked by flawless teamwork and effective communication. Their ability to tailor the BSS solution to our specific needs was key to the efficient and prompt rollout. The CompaxDigital team’s support has been exceptional, making them a standout partner in our vendor ecosystem. We’re excited about the prospects this successful implementation opens.”

— Craig Young, Chief Information Officer, Tillman Fiber

Achieve Your Business Goals

Focus on growth, not managing technology

Our tier 1 grade enterprise platform is simple, flexible, cost-effective, and built to scale for clients of any size and complexity. It just works.

Meet aggressive timelines

Our agile development process is designed for iterative growth so that businesses can address immediate needs on their way to achieving long-term goals.

Expand and diversify business models

Add with ease: new fiber segments such as B2B or wholesale, new brands, or even new lines like mobility.

Configurable Functionality for An Agile Fiber Business

Fully Modular

Start with an optimal set of core modules for initial launch and essential services, then seamlessly add more as your business grows.

End-to-End Customer Journeys

Cover the entire customer journey with digital process automation, from customer acquisition to support for upsell and/or retention.

Flexible Product Catalogs

Manage all types of products and offers in one place. Handle complex hierarchies, discounting, and more with flexible usage rules.

Complete Service Coordination

Manage addresses served and provide service availability checks to resellers and customers, and orchestrate service fulfillment.

CPQ and Order Management

Use agile, microservices-based workflow management and a configurable way to handle B2C, B2B, and wholesale order management.

API-First Omnichannel Experience

Leverage a full set of REST APIs across any channel or partner—allowing seamless integration into your tech stack.

Why Compax Digital?

CompaxDigital’s BSS platform is designed with growing businesses in mind, offering rapid deployment and quick and easy service rollout across segments, products, and services.

Multi-tenancy built for fiber businesses

With multi-tenant hosting, CompaxDigital’s extensive microservices library across 1,600+ core business functions offers plug-and-play capabilities with a single view of the customer and a single source for system updates.
Configuration over customization

Employing a build-once and reuse-as-a-service methodology, our software is configurable to accommodate growth from expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and product and service diversification as opportunities arise.

Cost-effective with no commitments

Requiring one-tenth of the investment and a fraction of necessary resources as industry-leading solutions, and with a unique recurring license model, customers pay when live and per use with flexible definitions of chargeable metrics.

Let us show you how CompaxDigital
enables innovation at scale.